Now is the Time

Procastination they say is the thief of time.. this sure applies to me. I have been trying  to start my blog and make it meaningful for close to two years, but i have been postponing it.

I guess am not ready, and i dont think am even ready now.. but i just want to take this step.

I hope i will be able to take another step after this.

Welcome to my blog, where i will really try to be different from every other bloggers, and i hope i dont bore you.

Dear PMB, . . .


I watched with very keen interest, the amount of attention that Nigerian youths paid to the just concluded Presidential elections. The unfolding events were followed with so much angst. The last time we had such a level of awareness and interest was perhaps during the fuel subsidy protests of 2012. Premium Motor Spirit (petrol) unified the nation and for once, since the end of the civil war, Nigerians spoke in one voice. Even the Bringbackourgirls campaign seems to be have lessened in its intensity since the Nigerian Military began to rescue young girls from the strongholds of Boko Haram with the exception of the Chibok Girls.

election observers

There is no doubt that there has been so much dissatisfaction and anger against the activities of the outgoing administration. Government has been reduced to a cesspit of corruption and brigandry. We have witnessed the “transformation” of Militants into instant billionaires during this tenure. Committees…

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